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Meet the Activators | 2021/22

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Meet the Activators | 2021/22

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Auckland Cricket Activators are on the frontline of promoting our great game. Our team will be out and about once again this summer engaging with tamariki across Auckland. 

School Engagement Manager Amanda Davies said our Activators are crucial in helping both children and teachers develop a desire to engage with cricket further.

“The fun environment our Activators provide for tamariki in schools aim to create a curiosity for cricket which may start a lifelong love of the game through playing, coaching, umpiring, volunteering etc. or wider general physical activity.


Meet the Team:

School Activators

Nicholas Hall

Kia ora. My name is Nick and have been playing cricket in Auckland since I was ten. 

I love introducing cricket to kids who haven’t had the chance to play it yet. Seeing kids go from saying “how many strikes do you get in cricket?” to “cricket is my favourite sport” and telling their classmates that they’re holding the bat around the wrong way is why I’ve decided to come back this season. 

So many teachers complained to me last year about how they can see the impact that devices are having on their student’s hand-eye coordination and that they don’t play as many sports as students used to. With this year’s lockdown forcing even more virtual learning, I feel that this problem may have worsened. 

I can’t wait to get back into schools to help students experience cricket outside again.


Nisheeth Kallem

My name is Nisheeth. I have been working as a cricket coach for over two years. 

My main motivation for being a School Activator is to give something back to the game and the community. 

Seeing even one child become excited about cricket inspires me to keep going as an Activator.

Cricket has always been my passion from childhood and having an opportunity to work where my passion is rooted, is one of the main reasons to return to this role.


Nick Gavigan

I’m a huge cricket fan and love sports in general. I loved being an activator last year, getting into schools and helping hundreds of kids enjoy playing games and having fun outdoors. 

Activation work is a perfect foundation for someone like me hoping to develop into a coach at higher levels. We focus on the very basics of the game and most importantly we try to help kids develop or find a love of sports, activity and connection. 

Being a part of the cricket community at a vital stage of kids’ lives is something I love, and I very much cherish the opportunity.


Rohan Das

Kia Ora. My name is Rohan and I am a recent Bachelor of Sport Management graduate from Massey University. 

I grew up away from home in boarding schools for nine years and cricket was my best friend throughout that time. 

From keeping me occupied so I didn’t feel homesick to helping me focus and become a better team-mate, cricket helped me learn some valuable life lessons. 

I signed up to become an Activator as I wanted to use that experience to help raise interest in cricket and spread the joy it can bring to kids. 

I’m really excited to join the wonderful team at Auckland Cricket and help kids find a new best friend in cricket.


Brodie Powell

My name is Brodie and I am a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation. 

I share a big passion for all sports and am extremely excited to be on board with Auckland Cricket as an Activator. 

I am looking forward to providing kids an opportunity to be involved with Cricket. I look forward to being a part of the fun and can’t wait to see all the smiles on the kids’ faces. Cheers to the summer of cricket ahead!


Matthew Manning

My name is Matt and I am incredibly honoured to be one of this year’s Activators. 

I am extremely pleased to be involved with this programme and the drive to get kids excited about being active and loving cricket. 

I see this programme as a great opportunity to energise young kids with the fun of cricket, to show them, that with a bat and ball, any safe open space can be turned into a fun-filled arena. 

I have been involved with cricket and sports coaching for a few years and have coached both in New Zealand and England. All my previous roles have involved supporting and assisting others in their development. 

I have a passion for Cricket, which can provide so many positives and I look forward to sharing these fun experiences with others.


Max Terry

Having recently moved from London, I am thrilled to be exploring and travelling the beautiful country of New Zealand. 

With 10 years’ experience in the field of sports coaching and childhood development, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to deliver cricket lessons to the children of Auckland. 

I aspire to provide children with positive, exciting, and engaging experiences that will leave them with a taste for wanting more cricket!  


Yeah! Girls Activators

Jesse Prasad

Hi. My name is Jesse and I’m 22 years old. I currently play for the Auckland HEARTS and I’m returning for my third season of Yeah! Girls, which I enjoy seeing grow every year. 

Yeah! Girls is a fantastic program and I love being a part of it. As a cricket coach outside of Yeah! Girls, I have always found it awesome to see the reaction of a little girl surrounded by boys when she sees that one of the coaches is female. 

This is what inspired me to be a part of this initiative. Having an all-girls inclusive program is something I would have loved when I was younger so it is amazing being able to provide this for the next generation of young female cricketers and being able to see their joy in being part of a program created just for them and their friends.


Carol Agafili

Talofa. My name is Carol. I am 18 years old and this is my second year playing cricket. Even though it’s only my second year, I really enjoy playing cricket. The closest form of cricket I’ve been involved in is Kilikiki (Samoan Cricket) which I have played all of my life.

I love how Yeah! Girls focus on giving girls the opportunity to take part, enjoy and have fun in a sport they show passion towards. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with Yeah! Girls because I’m just as passionate as the kids are to learn, have fun and play cricket. 

So come along and join the fun. We can’t wait to see you there!


Marama Downes

Hey everyone! My name is Marama. I am 18 years old and have been playing cricket for about 8 years now. 

I am super excited to be involved in the Yeah! Girls programme this year. I helped out a little last summer and absolutely loved it so it’s awesome to be here full time this season. 

I’m really passionate about cricket and can’t wait to see girls find the same enjoyment through it.


Amie Hucker

I am very excited to be joining the Yeah! Girls team this season. I have been playing cricket since I was ten years old and am still playing to this day! 

I wish I had had opportunities to participate in a programme like this as a young girl as I know I would have benefitted from it and had fun. 

Yeah! Girls gives girls the tools and knowledge to be able to start their cricket journey. I am so excited to be able to help young girls who are just as passionate as I am, learn and play cricket!


Term Four

Auckland Cricket have taken bookings for Term Four to hit the ground running and get our Activators delivering cricket sessions as soon as the COVID-19 Response Alert Levels and schools allow. 

There are still dates available in November and December for interested schools. We understand there is uncertainty, but if restrictions hinder sessions going ahead as scheduled, we are determined to rebook, so no children will miss out!