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The Coach Development Manager is a full-time position with a key focus of developing and enhancing the capability of Club based Coach Developers to improve the overall level of coaching within clubs. In addition, the role would take responsibility for the management and delivery of Development Level 1 and assistance with Level 2 coaching courses run by Auckland Cricket, ensuring that these provide quality experiences and ongoing support for coaches. The position would also need to manage the accreditation and engagement of the coaching network through our online database and build coach developer strategies which create resources that support the coaching network.

Key Position Responsibilities

Coach Developers

  • Manage and develop coaching and coach developer strategies.
  • Develop strong relationships with all club Coach Developer personnel.
  • Work with Club Based Coach Developers through workshops and Personal Development opportunities to educate and upskill their capability.
  • Assist Club Based Coach Developers to create and/or implement their own Coaching Plan for their club.
  • Observe and mentor all club coach developers in action as they deliver Foundation and Advanced Foundation courses. 
  • Meet with all club coach developers regularly to offer advice and assistance in their development.
  • Attend club trainings or coaching sessions as required to assist club Coach Developers in supporting their coaches.
  • Work with clubs to develop additional club-based coach education opportunities

Coaching Courses

  • Administer and deliver (with assistance from trained Coach Developers) all Development Coaching Course modules throughout the Auckland area on a demand basis, including development of individual coaching plans for coaches on completion of the course.
  • Administer and deliver the Level 2 coaching course in conjunction with NZC Coach Trainers including development of individual coaching plans for coaches on completion of the course.
  • Ensure that the delivery of these courses and modules are of a high quality and follow the guidelines given by NZC and include the philosophy which underpins coach development.
  • Review responses in the online modules for all coaching courses and review coaches conducting coaching sessions with a view to improving their coaching capability.
  • Maintain and grow the online Friendly Manager coaching database, ensuring all coaches are registered, vetted and working through their own learning.
  • Develop and grow club capability around practical modules courses that are run at clubs by Club Based Coach Developers.

Applications will close at 5pm on the 29th of September 2019. Please send your CV and covering letter to tnaidu@aucklandcricket.co.nz and cmundell@aucklandcricket.co.nz.

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