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Auckland Cricket - Girls' Cricket Development Officer(GCDO)

Reports to: NZC National Female Participation Manager and ACA Community Cricket Manager

Type: 6 month full-time contract for services

End Date: 6 months from Start Date


NZC and ACA are committed to working together to provide opportunities for women and girls to play cricket throughout New Zealand.

GCDOs will be the shop window for girls’ cricket, with the overall objective of recruiting and retaining female players, with both local and national support.

The role is suited to passionate people who have the energy to engage enthusiastically with girls and young women. They are ambassadors for the game of cricket and, as such, must deliver sessions that are fun, fast and engaging.

Service Description:

The GCDO will be responsible for delivering the following 3-step process, designed to recruit and retain young female players, focusing primarily on the 10-14 year-old age group.

The process requires the GCDO to:

I. Step 1
Organise and deliver to schools and community organisations (such as churches and migrant groups) a ‘Girls Smash’ promotional package. This will have a number of elements which could include a presentation, fast-paced video, incentives, and fun cricket-based activity, all with the purpose of encouraging girls to attend ‘Girls Smash’.

GCDOs will also be required to utilise the marketing materials provided to create interest in attending Girls Smash in the wider community.

II. Step 2
Organise and conduct ‘Girls Smash’ which is essentially a weekly, free, fun, non-traditional Community Hub for girl’s social cricket, securing the support of any volunteers required for the optimal delivery of these events.

III. Step 3
Understanding the individual ability and the ambition of the girls who participate in ‘Girls Smash’ and using local knowledge to direct them to the appropriate next step. This may be, for example, a continuation of attending ‘Girls Smash’; joining a club; or forming a school team etc.

The GCDO will receive centralised training (26-28 Nov at NZC Offices in Grafton, Auckland) on how to deliver a consistent and quality experience for the girls ‘Girls Smash’ both on and off the field.

It is expected that the FCDO will work 40 hours a week for 25 weeks, with reduced hours over the Christmas period. There may also be some work carried out on weekdays outside normal working hours and weekends.

Key Outcomes (in line with training received):

  • Organise and deliver daily (and where required multiple) promotional packages to schools and community organisations.
  • Organise and deliver a weekly Girls Smash event in the targeted area that encompasses the catchment areas of Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club and East Coast Bays Cricket Club.
  • Engage with teachers and community leaders, to build their capability of helping to promote Girls Smash beyond GCDO sessions.
  • To gain an understanding of the cricketing options within the community, to which girls can be directed towards.
  • To ensure that through each of the three steps, the girls and their parents are fully aware of the ‘next step’ options available to them.
  • The ability to report on an ongoing basis the potential exposure of Girls Smash through the delivery of promotional packages as well as participation rates and quality of experience at Girls Smash.
  • A database of girls that attend ‘Girls Smash’.
  • High awareness of Girls Smash within the local target market.
  • All staff protocols and procedures of ACA and NZC adhered to.

Personal Attributes

  • Energetic
  • Fun and engaging
  • Organised
  • Sporting background, though not necessarily cricket
  • Ability to sell and motivate
  • Ability to recruit support

A remuneration package will be paid in fortnightly installments during the period of the contract as below:

  • $1000 per full week (5 days/40 hours for 25 weeks) or $200 per day where a full week is not worked.

Weekly reporting (for example, on days worked, sessions run, number of participants involved, is expected weekly by ACA, and on a monthly basis to NZC according to a prescribed template.

The estimated total of entire contract is $25,000 based on working the maximum amount of days available.

To apply for this role send a CV and covering letter to


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