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The ground closures and defaults for the Cricket Express Junior Leagues, North Harbour Junior Cricket and Senior Grades will be posted on this page.

We strive to get ground closures posted as early as possible. 
Morning grades - 7:00am
Afternoon grades - 9:00am


Ground Closures for 25 March 2017

No ground closures as of yet


Ground Changes for 25 March 2017

Premier Reserve - Hibiscus Coast v Eden Roskill 2 now Birkenhead War Memorial 1 

Senior C2 - Cornwall Eagles v Eden Roskill Super Novas now Keith Hay Park 4a

One Day 1A - Eden Roskill IFDA v Grafton United Tigers now Auckland Domain 11a

One Day 1B -  Parnell Kings v Papatoetoe Punjabi Raiders now Bloodworth Park 2a 

One Day 4A - Takapuna Blue v Birkenhead Green now Sunnynook Park 2a

One Day 4B - Suburbs New Lynn Auckland Boys v Suburbs New Lynn v Chaos now Ken Maunder Park 2

Emerging Hearts - Parnell v Papatoetoe Te Ulu now One Tree Hill College 1a

U14B - Birkenhead Dragons v Eden Roskill Tigers now Kaipatiki Park 1a

Y6P - CCC Australia v CCC India now Three Kings Reserve 1a

Y6P - Grafton Gold v NSCC Beyong the Blue Travel now Vauxhall Rd 1a

Y6P - Parnell Hadlee v Parnell Jarvis now Selwyn College 1a

Y6A - Parnell Martin v Parnell Drumm now Auckland Domain 6a

Y6B - CCC New Zealand v HPCC Gold now Mt Roskill Intermediate 2a

NHJC Y6 - TDCC Max O'Dowd  v Birkenhead now Rosmini College 2a

U12 - Parnell Sapphires v Cornwall Crooks now Melville Park 4a


Defaults for 25 March 2017

Senior C2 - Birkenhead Green defaults to Parnell

One Day 1B - Navy defaults to Suburbs New Lynn Falcons

One Day 3A - North Shore defaults to Oratia Bushmen

U12 Quikhit - HPCC Howick Primary defaults to Waitakere Sam Curtis 


Ground Changes for 26 March 2017

No ground changes as of yet


Defaults for 26 March 2017

No defaults as of yet