Skill Sessions Information

Skill Sessions Information

Skill Sessions

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What we offer

Auckland Cricket is proud to again offer free cricket skills sessions in primary schools during Terms 4 and 1 for year 3-8 students. The aims of these sessions include:

  • An emphasis on fun – we know that children need positive experiences participating in sport if they are to pursue future physical activities
  • Development of fundamental movement skills – cricket contains several fundamental movement skills which are highlighted by Sport NZ as being an essential foundation for enjoyable participation in physical activity throughout life
  • Development of positive social skills – working in groups and teams will inadvertently develop young people’s social skills
  • Gaining a basic knowledge of cricket

Auckland Cricket will send a coach into your school to deliver our four week cricket skills program. Kids that take part will learn the key elements of cricket, including batting, bowling and fielding.


Skill sessions are delivered in Terms 4 and 1 to classes during school time. Ideally, we'd like to deliver four sessions to each class taking part. Sessions can be scheduled for 30-45 minutes meaning the coaches can take 6-7 sessions over the course of one full day.

In saying that we are flexible and open to working out a schedule that works best for your school. We try to be as accommodating as possible with any requests.

If interested in having skill sessions at your school please contact Amanda Davies at Auckland Cricket.

The below booking form will need to be completed and sent to Amanda to confirm your booking. However, it will be best to make sure the dates you would like coaching at your school are available before completing it.

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