26 Jun, Sunday

Squads named for HEARTS' weekend warm-up


Squads named for HEARTS’ weekend warm-up

Praneel HiraHearts, High Performance

The Auckland HEARTS and a HEARTS A side have been announced for warm-up matches against the Northern Spirit at Cornwall Park this Sunday.

Both sides will play 50-over matches ahead of the HEARTS’ season-opening weekend against the Wellington Blaze at the Basin on 16 and 17 November.

New skipper Anna Peterson will lead the HEARTS, while Izzy Gaze has been given an opportunity to captain the A side.

Lauren Down
Saachi Shahri
Anna Peterson
Katie Perkins
Regina Lilii
Holly Huddleston
Arlene Kelly
Bella Armstrong
Jesse Prasad
Skye Bowden
Tariel Lamb
Roz McNeill

Yaz Kareem
Anna Browning
Gemma Adams
Prue Catton
Izzy Gaze
Amberly Parr-Thompson
Sydney Bultitude
Amie Hucker
Molly Penfold
Fran Jonas
Breezy Illing
Emily Thurman

Coach: Victoria Lind

Auckland HEARTS vs. Northern Spirit  |  Cornwall Park #1  |  10.30 am
HEARTS A vs. Spirit A  |  Cornwall Park #2  |  10.30 am