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HEARTS Squad and Domestic Playing Agreements | 2021/22


HEARTS Squad and Domestic Playing Agreements | 2021/22

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Nick White, Head of Performance – Female, has named a familiar Auckland HEARTS squad for 2021/22.

The squad of 18 includes WHITE FERNS opener and HEARTS captain Lauren Down and three NZC Development Players – Bella Armstrong, Fran Jonas and Molly Penfold.

Nine players have also signed Domestic Playing Agreements for 2021/22. This is the third season female players have been offered Domestic Playing Agreements. The Agreements provide players with financial support for preparation and playing time throughout the summer.

Allrounder Arlene Kelly acknowledged the challenges presented by Auckland’s extended lockdown.

“We are all well-rehearsed with Zoom calls now, so we have kept communication lines open around how we are tracking individually and as a team.

“Bowlers have been sharing different ways of getting loads in (such as bowling into a bedsheet) and our new assistant coach has been fantastic ensuring bowlers are as prepared as we can.

“Our biggest challenge so far has naturally been the uncertainty and stop-start introduction we have had to the season.

“Losing an entire pre-season hasn’t been easy, but we are all absolutely fizzing to get back into it as soon as we can.”

While White also reflected on what has been a frustrating couple of months, he has been impressed by the initiative shown by the HEARTS players.

“With 16 scheduled squad sessions wiped away by lockdown, it has no doubt been a challenging preseason.

“The players, however, have been proactive in their bubbles to be both physically and mentally ready when restrictions are eased.”

White is also thrilled to welcome Donovan Grobbelaar to the coaching group this summer.

“We know how much experience Donovan brings, and we look forward to him adding a lot of all-round value to the squad.

Cornwall’s Breearne Illing is the newest face to the HEARTS squad for 2021/22. The NZ U19 seamer is no stranger to the HEARTS group, having joined the training squad towards the end of last summer.

Lauren Down

Bella Armstrong
Fran Jonas
Molly Penfold

Auckland HEARTS Domestic Playing Agreements
Skye Bowden 
Izzy Gaze 
Holly Huddleston 
Arlene Kelly 
Tariel Lamb
Regina Lilii
Katie Perkins 
Anna Peterson 
Jesse Prasad

HEARTS Squad Members
Jane Barnett
Sarah Carnachan
Amie Hucker
Breearne Illing
Saachi Shahri