01 Jul, Friday

HEARTS Squad and Domestic Playing Agreements | 2020/21


HEARTS Squad and Domestic Playing Agreements | 2020/21

Praneel HiraHearts

Auckland HEARTS Head Coach Nick White has named a dynamic 20-strong squad for the 2020/21 season.

This squad includes four WHITE FERNS and three NZC Development Players as well as nine players who have signed Domestic Playing Agreements.

This is the second season Women’s players have been offered Domestic Playing Agreements. The contracts provide players with financial support for preparation and playing time throughout summer.

White is thrilled by the depth built in the squad over the last couple of years.

“We are all very excited with the mix of experience levels in our squad.

“The collective work ethic and desire to improve is both extremely pleasing and exciting to see.

“We are under no illusions that we will have some tough decisions to make this season with so much depth and competition. It is an exciting position to be in.”

Anna Peterson will once again lead the HEARTS in 2020/21, while Regina Lilii will take on vice-captaincy duties after taking the reins in Peterson’s absence at times last summer.

Peterson said the HEARTS are looking forward to a season like no other.

“It’s going to throw out challenges and opportunities; the teams that adapt quickest will come out on top.

“We are super excited to play more doubleheaders alongside the ACES and play in parts of the country we have never been before.”

WHITE FERNS Contracts:
Lauren Down
Holly Huddleston
Katie Perkins
Anna Peterson

Bella Armstrong
Skye Bowden
Fran Jonas

Domestic Playing Agreements:
Jane Barnett
Sarah Carnachan
Amie Hucker
Arlene Kelly
Tariel Lamb
Regina Lilii
Roz McNeill
Jesse Prasad
Saachi Shahri

HEARTS Squad Members:
Izzy Gaze
Yaz Kareem
Molly Penfold
Natasha van Tilburg