Learning to play cricket helps refugees settle into NZ


For the past four weeks Auckland Cricket Association has been running skills sessions at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre, during the six-week programme to integrate new refugees into New Zealand.

Cricket is an integral part of the Kiwi summer, and ACA has been proud to help people who have lost so much find a way to connect with their new communities.

Those people from countries where cricket is popular were excited to play the game they enjoy and eager to show off their skills to our coaches.

However, cricket is an entirely new sport to many living in the resettlement centre. Learning to play a fun form of cricket is extremely meaningful, a chance to relax and have a good time.

For children and young people in particular, introducing them to cricket gives them something to take to their new schools and feel as though they belong – a chance to play a Kiwi game and a gateway to making friends.

With the four week course coming to an end, our Community Cricket team took along cricket sets to give to residents as welcome gifts. This will help families keep playing the game when they move to new homes around the country.

ACA will continue running sessions with the Auckland resettlement group RYAN in Mount Roskill to help refugees settle into their lives in NZ.