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Auckland Cricket Keep Up with the Play

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This summer, Auckland Cricket decided to do something different by redesigning its Under 13 representative space.

The key focus of the change was to move away from traditional Year 7/8 representative tournaments and provide a new and development-focused camp model.

The move comes on the back of Sport NZ’s Keep Up With The Play initiative, along with the five major sports in New Zealand, to change the approach to youth sport.

The pilot camp included modern coaching methods such as bio-banding and a constraints-led approach. This was achieved with the help of AUT and NZC, along with Dr. Ian Renshaw, a specialist in modern constraints coaching.

Chris Mundell, High Performance Manager at Auckland Cricket, explained the move to a better-balanced approach.

“With player numbers declining at this crucial age, we felt the need to rethink how we approach coaching and developing kids to not only become better cricketers but to also grow a love for the game.”

“We as a sport, and as coaches, can take away a lot about how we can maximise learning from this camp while also providing the kids with something they had never seen before.”

Mundell was pleased to see the participants enjoyed the camp.

“With something as new and different as this, there will also be lessons, but the key takeaways for us were that the kids had a really good time, learnt heaps while playing with and making new friends.”

Auckland Cricket will be again looking to refine the development model to deliver the camp to more kids and grow this space in 2020.

After the success of the pilot camp, three Development Camps have been planned for the summer of 2020/21, two for boys and a first for girls.

For more, listen to Simon Walters (Head of Department for Coaching, Health and PE at AUT) interview with RADIOSPORT or contact our Coach Development Manager Mitch Hayde.