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Tributes flow for retiring Hearts skipper Vic Lind

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Tributes flow for retiring Hearts skipper Vic Lind

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After suffering a loss in the Women’s One Day Final this month, the Auckland Cricket community were soon made aware they would be losing much more than just a final.

Skipper Vic Lind announced her retirement from the game after 176 appearances for the Hearts since her debut in 2003, including 58 Twenty20 matches.

Vic scored just under 3000 runs with the bat and kept wickets to a high standard throughout her career but it’s not the stats she was reflecting on in retirement.

“One of the girls txt me on the Monday after the last game asking how retirement day one felt; I don’t think it’s really going to start hitting me until the girls start doing things again for next season because even at the moment while I’ve stopped, they have stopped too in terms of the Hearts,” Lind says.

While Lind isn’t making any firm decisions on her future involvement in cricket, it’s fair to say she won’t be completely lost to the game.

“I definitely would love to still help out and that was one of the reasons I stopped now while I still enjoyed it, so I would want to come back and be involved […] potentially one day help out with the Hearts, it was a team I always loved playing for so would love to help out,” she says.

Having carved out an impressive playing career, Lind feels as though the time was right to let someone else sink their teeth into the captaincy role at the Hearts and says the immediate future for the team is looking bright.

“The current group of girls are still in a place where they can play many more seasons together as a group and that’s extremely exciting. I said to the girls after the game there’s so much ability that is still untapped, they are an exceptional group,” she says.

It’s that group of “untapped ability” who have also reflected on someone who has been a staple in the Auckland Hearts side for years.

Lind was someone younger squad members looked up to and it seems her sense of humour and fun nature will be remembered and missed by many.

Here are some reflections on Vic Lind from the Auckland Hearts group:


Lauren Down

“I feel very privileged to have played alongside Vic for a number of years now. Coming into the Hearts environment as a youngster, I learnt so much from her and I’m very grateful for the time she invested into me and my game.

She captained the team extremely well and lead us to a number of titles. She will be a big loss to the Hearts team. A great player and an awesome person.”


Roz McNeil

“Playing cricket with Vic was loads of fun. We always had lots of laughs.

When you weren’t in her team however it wasn’t so fun. Copping her sledging from behind the wickets or chasing the ball all around the park as she raced away with scoring runs.

Vic certainly knows the game inside out. The things that you can learn from her are endless. She is a pretty classy cricketer, and an even classier person. I have shared so many good times with Vic on and off the field. Her leadership, personality, knowledge and smile will be missed.

Playing alongside Vic has been a real honour and an opportunity I will remember for a long time.”


Saachi Shahri

“I’ve only ever played alongside Vic a few times, but when I did I had a front seat to see her brilliant captaincy behind the stumps and was able to witness her powerful and match winning stroke play from the non-striker’s end.

Vic has been the coach of numerous age group representative teams I’ve been a part of over the years, and she’s led us to win the cup on numerous occasions. She’s been a great mentor, leader and friend to me and I’m sure a lot of others! She’ll definitely be missed both on and off the field.”


Arlene Kelly

“It was a privilege and an honor to play with Vic. She led from the front and you knew she was always there to support and back your abilities. She was also always up for a laugh and loved playing the game!

Vic was a great all round team player. She thought outside the box with her captaincy and wasn’t afraid to try new things! As a cricketer, she’s stepped up and produced many captain’s knocks. She’s been incredible with both bat and gloves and will be sorely missed by all. Fortunately, Vic’s also a great friend outside of cricket who I’ve made plenty of great memories with, and hope that there are still plenty more to come.”


Regina Li’ili

“From the moment I made the Auckland U17s as a sprite little 14-year-old, Vic has always been a great team mate, who loves getting amongst the on and off-field fun! Although dramatic at times – lol but aren’t we all? – She’s always been a game-changer that has a real passion and enthusiasm for the game. She will definitely be missed!
“Vic is a great skipper whose knowledge and experience has always exceeded any of her peers. She is confident in her decisions and always backs her team mates 100% – even if she is doing the teapot at the time lol. As a cricketer, she is extremely talented, tidy behind the stumps and hits the ball very hard – as a bowler I’ve almost died once or twice with the ball whizzing passed my head far too often!

As a person, Vic is always up for a good laugh, and is a very supportive, caring person – always making sure everyone is OK and one of the first to jump in if someone is in need. All in all, she is O for Owesome! Shot Vic, enjoy your very well-deserved R&R over the many summers to come!”


Dean Flyger – Auckland Hearts Coach

“Vic was great to work with, some of the values we installed in the team she was right behind.

[Losing her] is one of those things you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Across the park with her playing ability and leadership.

I will miss our general chit chats, it was always open discussion, not a one-way street. She is very analytical and looks at the big picture.

Being my first year she made my life a hell of a lot easier, she will leave a big hole and big boots to fill next season.”


Sarah Carnachan 

“It was great to be able to learn from her experiences and have someone that was always so passionate about the Hearts in the environment.

She was a leader in every sense of the word and captained the Hearts with pride. As a cricketer her skillset was one I’ve always looked up to and her confidence on the field was admirable.”


Katie Perkins

“Vic is definitely a player I would always be stoked to have in my side as opposed to playing against. Vic is a fierce competitor and someone I knew always had my back in the heat of battle.

Vic had that ability to figure out what made each individual tick and therefore help provide an environment that got the best out of them. In the decade I’ve played for the Hearts Vic has always been there… it’s hard to imagine I won’t get to share a changing room, chat about bowling options, or graft together a batting partnership with my great mate again.”


Maddy Green

“We’ve been incredibly lucky to have Vic as our Captain. She’s helped develop a fantastic culture within the Hearts which has been a big part of our success in recent times.

She’s a great captain and a mate, who is always up for a laugh! I first joined the Hearts in her first season as captain and I will always be thankful for her willingness to help me out as a junior player coming through. She is a true legend and we’ll miss her massively.”


From the tributes above it is clear Vic Lind was an inspirational leader, a tenacious cricketer and a treasured team mate.

However, like any captain, it was only fair to give her the final word when closing this chapter on a glittering cricket career.

“It may sound a bit cliché but I’m going to miss the girls the most! For the last 15 years they have been my family away from my actual family. So not being around them and seeing them five or six days a week is going to be difficult. They are all such good friends that I’m sure we will all keep in touch,” Lind says.