Naidu joins ACA as Community Cricket Manager

Auckland Cricket Association are pleased to announce Tony Naidu as the new Community Cricket Manager, replacing Iain Laxon in the role.

Tony is familiar to Auckland Cricket having already served as Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club’s Manager for the 2016/17 season.

“I’m thrilled to join the Auckland Cricket team in a full-time role having already spent some time in the office last season. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the role and serve the cricketing community,” says Naidu.

Tony brings a wealth of business experience from home and abroad to his new role and has a passion for all sport. He is also heavily involved in golf, including being the current President on the board of North Harbour Golf.

“My experiences with golf and growing the game on the shore can only be a positive as we look to consolidate and grow our playing numbers here at Auckland Cricket,” he says.

Tony remains connected to Hibiscus Coast Cricket with his daughter and two sons gearing up for another season with the club as juniors.

“I’m keen to apply the learnings I have from my experiences in growing businesses internationally and at HCCC to the whole region of Auckland, I feel we have plenty of growing to do and I’m keen to work with all the club managers to build on the good work Iain and the team here have done,” Naidu says.