Meet Coach Development Manager Chris Mundell

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Meet Coach Development Manager Chris Mundell

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Auckland Cricket has a new Coach Development Manager for the summer ahead and his background may surprise you!

Chris Mundell starts in his new role next week, so, we asked him about the role of a coach developer.

“My job here is primarily to upskill the coaches who are currently in the community. I don’t come from a cricketing background so my job is about the ‘how to coach’ as opposed to the technical or the ‘what’,” Mundell says.

Mundell has a rich sporting background having been a professional tennis coach for the last 12 years as well as an involvement with AFL here in New Zealand.

“Tennis is my profession but AFL has been a hobby that has developed into a job. My ability in tennis has transferred into AFL and then back into tennis and now we can move into cricket,” he says.

Community Cricket Manager Tony Naidu is stoked to have Mundell on board especially with the changing face of cricket in the coming years.

“Coaching is a key element to the new playing formats we are implementing. We need not just technical coaches but coaches who understand how to communicate with today’s youth,” Naidu says.

“The investment in coaching we believe is fundamental to the improvement of the cricket experience,” he says.

In the newly created Coach Development Manager role, Mundell’s enthusiasm and passion for his craft shines through.

“Coaching is an artform, it doesn’t matter what you are coaching there’s an art to how to coach and that’s hopefully where I bring my expertise into it,” Mundell says.

“This job brings a bunch of new challenges, I’m in a new sport and it’s time to meet a whole lot of new people and fully involve myself in the cricket community,” he says.

Mundell starts with Auckland Cricket on Monday 2 July, look out for him around the grounds this summer!