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Introducing PlayHQ

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Introducing PlayHQ

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We can’t wait to see you around the grounds enjoying cricket this summer and look forward to making the 2022/23 the best season yet!

Auckland Cricket are excited to support and adopt the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) led new community online platform PlayHQ which will replace CricHQ for the 2022/23 season. PlayHQ will become the national community registration, scoring, and competition management platform. The main purpose of the change is to deliver a better experience to players and volunteers whilst reducing the workload on administrators.

NZC have been working extensively with PlayHQ and the platform has been configured in collaboration to ensure it meets the needs of the community landscape in Aotearoa. PlayHQ are based in Australia with over 80 staff and are currently providing their services to multiple sports including Cricket Australia, Basketball Australia, AFL, and New Zealand Hockey among others. It delivers competition management, registration, club administration, payments, game day management, live scoring and more!

PlayHQ will replace CricHQ for all Auckland Cricket competitions and we will work with all parties to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. This process will involve support to clubs, schools, districts, and volunteers leading up to the season and will take many forms including workshops and webinars. To play in an Auckland Cricket competition this season, you will need a PlayHQ profile to ensure you can be included in things like live scoring.

When registering for your club, make sure you are signed up and ready to go on PlayHQ to not miss out. This process may differ slightly from club-to-club so please contact your respective club if you have any questions on the process. If you are new to the game or looking for a club please visit our ‘find a club’ page at https://aucklandcricket.co.nz/findaclub/

For more information on PlayHQ please visit the PlayHQ website at https://www.playhq.com/ or NZC at  https://www.nzc.nz/community/umpiring-and-scoring/playhq or contact your local club.

A full list of helpful resource videos can be seen here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWowGJG7E-Bo5ZCNdN6W2Mg/videos