26 Jun, Sunday

Auckland Cricket partners with Honda Financial Services

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Auckland Cricket partners with Honda Financial Services

Praneel HiraClub Cricket

Auckland Cricket and Honda Financial Services are joining forces, with a new fleet of liveried Honda vehicles and a new name for Auckland premier cricket.

While competitions like the Jeff Crowe Cup and Pearl Dawson Trophy will retain their names, they will all be part of the Honda Financial Premiership.

Business Development Manager Gavin Penfold says the Honda Financial Services team is extremely excited about the partnership with Auckland Cricket.

“It could not have been done in a more positive way,” he says.

Auckland Cricket CEO Iain Laxon says it’s great to have Honda Financial Services on-board with premier cricket.

“They, and we, really value our highest level of club cricket,” he says.

“It’s important the competitions keep their names – they’re tributes to great cricketers. The Honda Financial Premiership covers all seven premier-level competitions, for both men’s and women’s cricket.”

Penfold says Honda Financial Services understands clubs always need support.

“If Honda can add value to what clubs are doing via our products and services those are wonderful partnerships that we value highly.”

“We are a company with a lot of sports fans and enthusiasts, including myself who never needs an excuse to play or watch a game of cricket!”

The Auckland Cricket Honda fleet will be out and about at cricket grounds for the rest of the 2018/19 season and beyond.

Laxon says that thanks to the new vehicles, a lot of people have already spotted Auckland Cricket around the grounds.

“It’s a very visible presence,” he says, “And that’s thanks to a great partnership that we know will only grow stronger going forward.”