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Auckland Cricket backs Clubs with Support Package

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Auckland Cricket backs Clubs with Support Package

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Auckland Cricket is committing $870,000 to support their 16 community cricket clubs via the Club Support Package for 2020/21.

“Covid-19 has posed many challenges but through it all our number one priority has been focusing on how we can support our clubs,” commented CEO Iain Laxon.

“The Club Support package gives them the certainty of continued funding as well as opportunities to save costs and benefit from shared resource options. The club community has helped in creating this package and we think that it will provide real tangible benefit for them in difficult times.

The foundation of the Club Support Package is a commitment to maintain investment in the Club is the Hub scheme at $700,000, the same as for the 2019/20 season.

Club is the Hub was established by Auckland Cricket in 2000 to provide funding support for clubs to have paid administrative and junior development staff that assist them to be sustainable in the long term, and help them deliver an excellent experience to members every year.

The Club Support package offers a range of opportunities for clubs to access additional funding, support for delivery, or cost savings for their major expenditure areas. Elements of the plan were created in consultation with clubs to ensure that initiatives were targeted at areas that would provide the most benefit.

Dean Bartlett, Community Cricket Manager, is delighted Auckland Cricket is able to be in a position to support clubs, despite a forecasted 20% drop in revenue for the 2020/21 financial year.

“The Club Support Package enables Auckland Cricket, in collaboration with the club network, to provide cricket to over 15,000 registered club players, as well as hundreds of volunteers, officials and supporters.”

“Our aim is to provide financial stability through these uncertain times, so our clubs can focus on their core role, which is to continue to serve their members and allow Aucklanders to enjoy our summer game.”

The Club Support package also includes a hardship grant offer, which aims to assist clubs with short term cashflow issues and allows each club to apply for up to $10,000.

To further assist the club network, Auckland Cricket have created new Club Coach Developer and School Engagement models to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and help clubs deliver, promote and develop cricket in their communities.

These models will create shared resource services managed by Auckland Cricket that will ensure delivery across clubs and schools continues to the same levels.

Cost savings for clubs are also being supported by changes to proscribed balls and early distribution of match-ball grants, to give clubs greater certainty approaching the upcoming season.

For further details on the Club Support package, please contact Community Cricket Manager Dean Bartlett.