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Ollie Pringle – Papatoetoe

O Pringle Web Safe When you have started the Premier Cricket season with your two highest club scores including a 200 not out you could be excused for feeling pretty happy with yourself. But the runs flowing from Ollie Pringle’s bat haven’t gone to his head. The Papatoetoe player is simply trying to enjoy himself this season after a slow winter dealing with a back injury. That policy seems to be working as Pringle, who has been known as an all-rounder, focuses on his batting this season. While Papatoetoe have had some mixed form this season Pringle has been rock solid for his side as they have posted two big scores in the Hedley Howarth competition. His 200 not out came just last week against Birkenhead City. Pringle humbly claims the innings was based on a lot of luck. “I went out there to have a bat really and it just kinda worked. I kept it simply really and went with it.” He says it was helpful to have a partner batting well in Arminder Sohal who made 96 in the same match. “I was able to stick to how I was going. I was trying to just tick it over. My job was pretty easy when someone else is scoring at twice the rate you are for a spell. We both didn’t get flustered and were able to do our own thing.” Pringle says he’s not done anything differently this year to bring on the burst of form. “Our first game was about the seventh hit I’d had. I’d not done much in the winter just because I was injured and was told not to do much. In the past I’d been keen to hit as many balls as possible and I hadn’t really kept it as relaxed as this year. The processes just seem to be working.” The winter lay off has seen the all-rounder turned batsmen change his processes slightly. “I am really looking to spend time in the middle. Obviously now I am not bowling, I am not doing so much when we are in the field. So to make the most of the time out there you’ve got to be contributing with the bat.” The back injury that kept him idle during the winter months is still in the process of completely healing. “I am getting there slowly. It’s been a long process just because with a stress fracture in the back they take time. I think it has been about 8 or 9 months in total. I have been trying to keep as much as possible to the advice I have been given. I am not rushing back to bowling. It has been a long break and I don’t want to injure myself again.” The flood of runs hasn’t changed Pringle’s season goals and he is still sticking to trying to focus on one round of cricket at a time. “I’ve been told to just go out and score as many runs as possible. I think for the team point of view we need to keep putting these solid performances together and help each other out.” “We want to win games and finish in the right part of the table to give ourselves a chance of making finals and showing our potential as a side.” “We have a good group of boys who work well together. Our side has a nice balance of some young guys with some senior heads.”     Vishi Jeet websafe news

Vishi Jeet – Auckland University

By any measure Auckland University’s Vishi Jeet is having a cracking start to the season. Across both the Jeff Crowe Cup and Hedley Howarth Jeet has been a wicket taker. He leads the Hedley Howarth competition with 9 wickets picked up at a remarkable average of 4.22 so far. His best figures coming in the opening round of two day cricket where he snagged 6/20 to help his side to a first innings win over Papatoetoe. In the first two rounds of the Jeff Crowe Jeet has taken a tidy 4 wickets on astros, a surface that can be seen as hard on spinners. Those performances aren’t going to the young spinners head though as he focuses on trying to win a title for Uni this year and a strong campaign for Auckland A in the effort to push for higher honours. “It’s always good to get a few wickets and a few wins, we have started with three out of three, always good as a team. As a bowler I made a lot of changes in the off season. I changed my action six or seven times working with a few people. So it is good to see finally the hard work I’ve put in during the winter is coming through.” Jeet is part of a 12 man Auckland A squad who will take on Northland A this Sunday and says it’s something he’s looking forward to as he tries to show he deserves another crack at Mondiale Aces level. “I want to push to make the Aces, I want to dominate at club cricket. But last year I put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of yes I want to play Aces, I want to do this I want to do that. But this season in the winter I went to India and played there and saw how they train. Trained with a few coaches here, Paul Wiseman the New Zealand spin coach. I worked with him down south.” “I think after doing all of that work my mindset changed a bit, now I am not putting pressure on myself. I am going game by game, I want to dominate every game whether it is club cricket, A cricket, first-class cricket. When I do get my call up I want to be ready. That’s my goal is that when I get a call up I am ready.” The 22-year-old got his first crack at first-class cricket this year and recalls it well. “I’ve got the video recording of me. The three wickets that I got in that game and I watch it like every second day. I tell myself that’s where I want to be playing. It is a step up from A cricket but it is where you want to play.” Uni continue their tussle with Suburbs New Lynn this Saturday at Colin Maiden while Auckland A take on Northland A at Cobham Oval on Sunday. Take a listen to our full chat with Vishi Jeet here.