Auckland Club Cricket


On this page you can find playing conditions for all grades that come under the jurisdiction of Auckland Cricket as well as some other useful reference tools such as the laws of cricket and ACA bylaws.

Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

ACA Bylaws

Auckland Cricket Bylaws

ACA Club Cricket Playing Conditions

Administrative Matters 

General Playing Conditions

NZ Cricket Helmet Policy

Men's Competitions 

Premier Men & Reserve Two Day

Premier Men & Reserve Limited Overs

Premier Men Twenty20

Grade Cricket Two Day

Grade Cricket Limited Overs

One Day Grades

Presidents Grade

ABH Cricket Association Playing Conditions

Twenty20 Grades

Men's U23 Summer Holiday Grades

Sunday Men's Backyard 9.90 Grades


Women's Competitions 

Premier Women Limited Overs

Premier Women Twenty20

Premier Reserve Women

Sunday Women's Backyard 9.90 Grades

Women's Open


2018/2019 Junior & Youth Competitions


Cricket Express Junior and Youth Leagues

CEJL General Playing Conditions

ACA Weather Interruptions Policy - Junior Grades

NZ Cricket Helmet Policy

Code of Conduct


College Sport Youth Competitions

College Sport Boys Cricket Information

College Sport Girls Cricket Information


Cricket Express Junior Girls

Auckland Cricket Junior Girls Competition Overview


Girls Under 13

Girls U13 Hard Ball Smash

Girls U13 Soft Ball Sixers


Girls Under 11

Girls U11 Hard Ball Smash

Girls U11 Soft Ball Sixers


Cricket Express and College Sport Youth Girls

Auckland Cricket & College Sport Youth Girls Competitions Overview


College Sport First X1 Girls

College Sport Premier Girls

College Sport 1A Girls

College Sport 1B Girls


Junior Under 16 Girls

Girls U16 Hard Ball Smash T20 


Cricket Express Junior Boys

Auckland Cricket Junior Boys Competitions Overview


Boys Year 7

Boys Year 7 Hard Ball Smash Pink L.O.

Boys Year 7 Hard Ball Smash


Boys Year 6

Boys Year 6 Hard Ball Smash

Boys U13 Soft Ball Sixers


Boys Year 5

Boys Year 5 Hard Ball Smash

Boys U11 Soft Ball Sixers


Cricket Express & College Sport Boys Youth Competitions

Youth Boys Competitions Overview


College Sport 1st X1 Youth Boys

College Sport Premier 1st X1 Boys

College Sport 1A 1st X1 Boys

College Sport 1B 1st X1 Boys


Senior Youth Boys

College Sport Senior A Boys

College Sport Senior Morning T20 Boys

College Sport Senior Open Afternoon Boys

U19 Boys Wed T20


Junior Youth Boys

College Sport Junior Morning T20 Boys

College Sport Junior Open Afternoon Boys

U16 Boys Summer Holiday LO & T20

U16 Boys Wed T20

College Sport Colts 1 & Colts 2 Boys

U14 Boys Thurs T20

College Sport Year 9 Boys Colts 9's T20 and LO


ACA - NZ Cup and Shield Playing Conditions

ACA - NZ Cup and Shield Playing Conditions


ACA Club of Origin Playing Conditions

Boys Club Of Origin U17 T20 Playing Conditions