Auckland Club Cricket


The ground closures and defaults for the Cricket Express Junior Leagues, North Harbour Junior Cricket and Senior Grades will be posted on this page and the ACA Facebook page.

For the ACA Junior and Youth Morning Cricket Cancellation Policy, which includes the process to follow for home club coaches/managers to cancel home games, please click here.

We strive to get ground closures posted as early as possible.

Morning grades - 7:00am

Afternoon grades - 10:30am

Coaches / managers if you are unsure if the game is on we encourage you to use the contact list your club should have provided you to call the opposition team coach/manager to discuss this. If a mutual agreement cannot be made the home team manager has final say on pitch condition and playability.  If a game is abandoned, the home team coach/manager must enter the game as abandoned on CricHQ immediately.

If contact cannot be made with opposition team coach/manager or club manager, contact ACA.  If ACA receives a call from an away team advising they cannot contact the home team coach/manager or club manager at 7am or later, ACA has the ability to deem the fixture as abandoned if ACA believes the weather will not allow a fixture to be played.

If in any doubt, please ensure you arrive at the ground on time to avoid a default.

Auckland Cricket will post all last minute ground closures and cancellations below.

Updated as of 6.45am on Saturday 24 March 2018


Ground Closures for Saturday 24th March

Victoria Park Closed for ALL Junior Cricket

Ground Changes for Saturday 24 March


One Day 2B – SNLCC Black Riders vs GUCC Indo-Kiwi Knights now at Eastdale Reserve 5a

One Day 2B – GUCC AUT vs SNLCC Alpha Avengers now at Eastdale Reserve 3a



Premier Reserve Women – HPCC v Kumeu now at LEP G3

Y8/9 – AUCC Blue vs. HPCC Munro now at Crossfields Reserve 1a

Y7P – AUCC Lightning vs. SNLCC now at Sacred Heart 2a

Y8/9 - CCC vs ERDCC Rising All Stars now at Parrs Park 2a

Y7A – PCC Ravlic vs HPCC Walmsley now at Lloyd Elsmore 3a

Y7A – CCC Vettori vs GUCC White now at Mangere Centre Park 2a

Y7A - GUCC Lions vs AUCC Thunder now at Auckland Domain 2a

Y7A – PCC Rainger vs AUCC Tornados now at Sacred Heart 5a

Y7A – PCC Fisher vs ERDCC Abbas now at Avondale College 3a

Y7A – PCC McCann vs CCC McCullum now at now at Te Atatu 1a


Defaults for Saturday 24 March 2018


7th Grade – SNLCC default to SNLCC Titans

One Day 1B – Cornwall NBLs default to GUCC Zoo

One Day 1B -  SNLCC Flacons default to Grafton Indo-Kiwi Gujaratis

One Day 4B - Papatoetoe Te Ulu default to AISC Young Ones 

Presidents Grade- Auckland University default to Parnell