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Auckland Cricket is committed to producing better coaches by providing them with high quality support, education, guidance and recognition.

Quality coaching at all levels will ensure:

  • That all players have an enjoyable and rewarding cricketing experience and are retained in the game.
  • That all players are developed to their full potential.
  • That champion teams are produced.

The Coach Development team aims to provide high quality coaching courses, cextension workshops and resources, resulting in recruitment of new coaches and up skilling of current coaches.

For all information on coaching please look through the pages within this coaching section.

Coaching Courses

We're intent on providing opportunities for coaches and aspiring coaches to develop their skills for whatever level they want to coach - find out about a range of ways you can improve your coaching including signing up for courses.

Coaching Courses

General information

Some basic information that lays out Auckland Cricket's Coaching Philosophy, the pathway from starting off in a Coaching a Cricket Team course to coaching the Blackcaps, and the chance to dip into our newsletter that brings you useful coaching information across the season.

Coaching Philosophy  |  Coaching Pathway

Find a Coach

If you require a coach or coaching advice, we recommend you contact your nearest club based Coach Developer. They will be able to point you in the right direction for what ever your coaching needs.

If you need any further information around coaching or the coach education pathway feel free to reach out to our Coach Development Manager, Mitch Hayde.