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Cricket Blitz 

Cricket Blitz is a fun and easy-to-play form of cricket played afterschool. In the 2015/16 season 150 teams enjoyed taking part in regional competitions all around Auckland. It is now coming back for its third season in term 4! To see some of the 2015/16 action check out our photo gallery

Cricket Blitz targets the social to semi-competitive cricketer. It is a great game for those who want to give cricket a go as the rules are modified to encourage participation, everyone get the same amount of overs to bat and bowl. As well as this the competition is completely free to enter and all the gear is provided! With no need to buy any gear or pay a registration fee the financial burden is reduced for parents. 

Key Dates

Cricket Blitz entries for term 4 close on Tuesday 18 October.

In term 4 Cricket Blitz will begin on the week beginning 24 October. For most schools this is the third week of term.

The day each grade will play on is as follows:

  • Tuesday – Year 11-13 Boys* & Year 7/8 Boys
  • Wednesday – Year 9/10 Boys & Year 7/8 Girls
  • Thursday – Year 5/6 Mixed* & Year 9/10 Girls

* - Term 1 competition only

Competitions will run 4-6 weeks. The total number of weeks is dependent on the number of entries in your region.

All games will run from 4:00-5:30pm.

School Requirements

The school will need to provide adult supervision at the games. In most regions  local cricket clubs will provide an umpire/scorer at each game.

Schools do not need to provide any gear. Local cricket clubs will provide all necessary gear at the games.

The competition is completely free. At no point will the school be charged to take part in Cricket Blitz. 


Cricket Blitz is played over various school and council grounds throughout Auckland. The venues your school team will play at is dependent on entries. We aim to have Cricket Blitz competitions as localised as possible.

Please contact Nathan Jackson for likely venues in your area.

Rules and Score Sheet