Meet new Aces Assistant Coach – Doug Watson

Auckland Cricket has a new Assistant Coach so we thought it was about time to get the low down on our latest addition. He may have immigrated to NZ from South Africa, but some loyalties still lie in the rainbow nation…


Name: Doug Watson

Nickname: ‘Watto’

Age: 44

Country of Origin: Natal, South Africa

Previous team (s): Namibia national team (coach), Dolphins & South Africa ‘A’ (player)

**Most capped Dolphins cricketer of all time.


Yes coach!

What’s your overall coaching philosophy?

“It’s quite broad but the main thing is to create a positive environment where players feel at ease to openly discuss things and feel like they can trust you. Once you have that right, the cricket takes care of itself.”

“I feel it’s important to know the guys personally because we all go through different things at different stages of our lives. As a coach if we are aware of issues and pressures a player is under, we as coaches can help them through that and get the best out of a player.”

Judging by your Twitter profile, you know cricketers from all across the globe such as Kevin Pietersen. What’s it like working with big stars? Who has stood out for you as a cricketer in your time coaching?

“I’ve worked with a lot of cricketers but the man who stood out for me is someone I played in the same team as – Jonty Rhodes. The energy he brings to any team and how hard he trains inspired not only me but also the rest of the team. It’s the culture Jonty brings to a dressing room – helping, tidying up, down to little things like packing guys kit away when he is out. He is a legend.”

What are your goals for the season?

“Everyone has goals and I’m under no illusion that every domestic teams’ goals will be the same in wanting to win three trophies. But initially it will be to get to know the team on a personal level and a cricket level. Once we’ve nailed that down to see where they are at and help them achieve their goals.


Going deep

Favourite cricket shot? Pull or leave

Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard or Rhino?

BBQ or Braai?

Springboks or All Blacks?

Besides cricket, favourite sport: Football, support Manchester United

Super Rugby team: Sharks

Describe yourself in three words: Honest, patient, inquisitive

Tea or coffee?

Three famous people you can invite to dinner: Nelson Mandela, Charlize Theron, Ryk Neethling

Can’t live without: Family

Sunrise or sunset?

Worst job I’ve ever had: Assistant plumber

Golf handicap: 14

Proteas or BLACKCAPS?

Chicken or fish?

Bat or bowl?

Cap or floppy?

Ace of Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds?