Cricket Awareness Lessons


Below are some details about the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) Development Program and what we can offer you as a primary/intermediate school.

The NZC Development Program is about recruiting and retaining young children to play our biggest summer sport by providing fun and practical cricket awareness lessons which generate interest with the children and provide coaching and resources for the teachers to help children create a skill base.

We offer two different programs, providing a choice that will work best within your school.

Programme A - Field Day

This involves six cricket stations run concurrently by the teachers who are trained by a Cricket Development Officer (CDO) at your school.  This training takes under an hour, and is held at a convenient time for staff to learn the skills for each station they will be looking after.  This training is completed before the Field Day.

The Field Day activity can service up to 180 children in just over an hour and a half with children learning a different skill every 10-12 minutes.  The CDO will be involved in the set-up and supervision of the session, going around each station to provide assistance to teachers and encouragement to the children.

For example the stations could be:
"    Batting (striking)
"    Catching(low)
"    Catching(high)
"    Throwing
"    Non-stop cricket(game)
"    Tee Ball cricket(game)

Programme B - Class by Class

The training and education of teachers is similar to programme A.

This involves the CDO spending an hour with the teachers in a school meeting passing on ideas on how to teach small ball skills to children. The skills we focus on are striking, throwing and catching, which are all key components to a lot of sports.

The class by class part includes the CDO spending one full day at your school servicing with up to 6 classes at 45 minutes per class. This is a fun and practical session based around the small ball skills shown to teachers.

Please note there is no charge for any of the teacher training or awareness lessons to your school.  All gear is provided, and every child that participates receives a free gift pack and certificate from NZC.

There are also other resources, which can assist you to run cricket teams and programs within your school. These resources include a 12-week training program where you will be trained up for free by the CDO at a place convenient to you. These personnel will then be fully qualified to run the program.

If you have any questions regarding this programme, please do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers below.

DDI    09-845-7443              
Mobile    021-222-6233                  
Fax     09-846-4464                    

Look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Bowler
Cricket Development Coordinator         
Auckland Cricket Association

Auckland Cricket would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for their support.