Dish the dirt - Dave Goddard, Parnell

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Parnell have hit the ground running in 2013

Parnell have won both of their matches since the Christmas break and they are nicely placed in all three forms of the game as the season`s second half gets into full swing.

Last Saturday they defeated National Club Champions Takapuna in convincing fashion with Aces batsman Tim McIntosh leading the way scoring 69 as Parnell won by six wickets. After the match we caught up with stand in skipper Dave Goddard to get his thoughts on the season so far: “It was a great performance against Takapuna,” said Goddard, “we have been hit with a lot of injuries this season but our depth has really got us through. It was also a huge boost to have Tim McIntosh back in the fold and he is in great form with the bat.”

The victory puts Parnell into third position in the Blue Section of the Jeff Crowe Cup with two group matches still to play but Goddard knows his side must continue to produce if they are to advance to another final: “We knew we needed to win all three matches after Christmas if we were to qualify. We trained hard and managed to get the first one under the belt but we still need two more.

“We have a good record of making the final in the one-day competition over the last few years and it is a goal to get there again, but at this stage we just need to take it one game at a time and continue to enjoy our cricket.”

Parnell have also qualified for the semi-finals of the T20 competition whilst sitting third in the two-day Major Championship, but while Goddard is pleased with how his side has performed he is still looking for improvements in the second half of the season.

“We have won some big games this year and have played well to win some crucial breakdowns. However we have also had a few too many losses in between the good performances so we are looking for more consistency from this point forward.

“We should be getting some players back from injuries in the near future. Willie Brittain is due to return for the next game, Lochie Ferguson has begun bowling again and James Walsh is only a couple of weeks away. Getting these three back will give us a massive boost at exactly the right time and hopefully they can help us pick up some silverware later in the season.”


Who is the biggest sledger in the Parnell side?

That has to be James Walsh. He is a terrible sledger when he bowls. He thinks he is getting into the batsman but most of the time we just end up laughing at what he has to say.

Which players never move the sightscreen?

Ben Rae and Kirk Bunting.

Which player is always late to trainings or matches?

That would definitely be Kirk Bunting.

Who has the messiest kitbag in the changing rooms?

Angus McLean.

Who never buys a round?

That would be Michael Ravlic because he doesn’t drink.

Which bowler is always happy to bowl into the wind?

Again Michael Ravlic. Once again he has taken a lot of wickets this year and is having a fantastic season.

Who is the fittest player in the Parnell side?

Without a doubt that is Ben Rae. He has done lots of long distance running over the years and is incredibly fit.

Who is the best fielder?

Kirk Bunting


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