Dish the dirt - Aaron Jeavons, Waitakere City

Friday, December 14, 2012

Waitakere skipper Aaron Jeavons

Waitakere City have had mixed fortunes during the first half of the 2012/13 season. The side have had some major high points, including a victory over national club champions Takapuna in the one-day competition, mixed in with some lows such as last week's outright defeat to North Shore.

Englishman Aaron Jeavons, who is in his third season as Waitakere's overseas player, assessed his side's first half: "It's been a promising start. We had some good performances in the one-dayers then made a good start in the two-day competition. But we then lost a game to Ellerslie that we could have won and lost some momentum. From there we suffered a couple of heavy defeats but we are looking to put in a strong performance in the final game before Christmas and go into the break on a high."

Jeavons has been in outstanding form with bat and ball this season and currently sits in third place on the club cricket champion player leaderboard: "With the bat it has been good to get some runs despite not being able to make a big score. Hopefully a big innings is around the corner. I have been very pleased with the bowling so far. If you had said to me I would have taken 20 wickets before Christmas I would have been delighted. My role is to just dry up an end so the other bowlers can attack but I have been lucky enough to get a few wickets myself."

Last Thursday Jeavons and his Waitakere teammates had a much more serious issue to deal with than a cricket match when a tornado struck the Hobsonville area. Luckily no one from the club was injured but the experience was one that Jeavons isn't likely to forget anytime soon: "It was frightening how quick the weather changed. I am moving in with our premier reserve coach in the next couple of weeks and the tornado went directly past his house. Thankfully no one was hurt but it was a scary experience."

Who is the biggest sledger in the Waitakere side?
That would be Blayne Fraser - he always has plenty to say.

Who is always late to training and matches?
We have about six that fall into this category. Sheehan Huri is the main one who is always late for training, and when they are playing the Dhadwal twins are always late for games.

Which player never moves the sightscreens?
At away games we are all pretty good at this one and at home I think we have only used the sightscreen once in the three years I have been at the club so it hasn't been an issue.

Who has the messiest kitbag in the changing rooms?
I'd have to say that would be me. My gear is usually all over the place and I'm always losing stuff. On the plus side I usually end up with a bench to myself nowadays because of this.

Which player never buys a round?
We have quite a few students in the side so there are a few to pick from but Robert Evans-Moore is the player least likely to have his hand in his pocket.

Which bowler always bowls into the wind?
We have two in Scott Curtis and Praneel Hira. Those two love to bowl as many overs as possible so they are always willing to do the hard work into the breeze.

Who is the best fielder in the side?
Once again Praneel Hira.

Who is the fittest player in the Waitakere team?
That would be myself and second behind me is Blayne Fraser. He was captain of Waitakere for about six years before missing a couple of years through injury. He came back last year for a few games but really committed himself to his fitness in the off-season and has come back in great shape this year.

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